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Email Marketing Accelerator

Learn email marketing FAST and CORRECTLY so you can increase your leads and turn leads into booked guests!

All of this in a 5-week Video Program with Workbooks, templates, over-the-shoulder how to videos (screen share tech support) + Messenger Support + Access to all videos as long as you need.

  • Set up your tech (Mailchimp Tutorials)
  • Learn the strategy of email marketing
  • Create email signup forms and landing pages
  • Learn how to start with email marketing without a website!!!
  • 7-point email campagin checklist so you ensure your new subscribers stay engaged.
  • Learn the 4 types of emails you should be sending and when to send.
  • Use my email scripts that increase engagement, conversations and bookings
  • Learn how to write better subject lines that increase open rates
  • See how to nurture previous guests to increase repeat bookings
  • Understand how to segment your audience so you are sending relevant emails to your subscribers.
  • Watch me create a lead magnet in Canva + get templates for yours!
  • Get my list of 25 Lead Magnet Ideas
  • Walkthrough video - a successful vacation rental booking funnel, including how to use social media to increase your list size!
  • How to use AI for email marketing (includes prompts)

I was introduced to Jodi's coaching when I was looking for help marketing my property management company. I went through many webinars, joined many Facebook groups, and couldn't find someone who spoke to me. Until Jodi! I loved her authentic self, her hands-on style of coaching, and her true passion for helping others versus just selling her business. What I love most about Jodi is her style of communication. I learned how to research and write blogs well, how to create social content that works, and most importantly how to (including why it's so important) create guest avatars that are the base of our marketing plan. I would never have been able to do this without Jodi guiding the step-by-step processes. Do yourself a favor and challenge yourself to sign up. It's an investment that will pay for itself!!

— Brittany B, Property Manager, Breathe Easy Rentals -Destin, Florida

Finally, crack the code & unlock the potential of EMAIL MARKETING to engage previous guests, nurture new leads, and drive bookings for your vacation rental business.


Email Marketing Foundations

See a successful email marketing funnel from start to finish, understand key terms, create a guest avatar and understand what your email subscribers need from you.


Aquiring Leads

You can add previous guests to your list, but how do you add new, relevant leads? See tons of creative ideas for offers that will gain more subscribers, see how to use simple software and QR Codes, Plus, learn creative ways to get email addresses from your previous and future Airbnb guests if you don't have a PMS! Spend the next week developing your first lead magnet with Canva templates & support!


Systems & Tech

Set up your email marketing platform for success with either Mailchimp or Convertkit. Create a signup form landing page, connect your email platform to your website (if you have one), and add a welcome message to your first subscribers and previous guest emails that create superfans from the start!


Captivating Content!

Your emails should create relationships, build trust, and show your subscribers that you are THE host they should book with! Learn to write better emails, (with AI support if needed)! See the four different types of emails to send and learn when to send each - includes how to use Calls To Action to drive bookings.


Tracking Success & Optimizing

Successful email marketing includes understanding your reports and tracking your success - then making changes based on data. Learn when and how to increase open rates and click-through rates, understand the power of segmenting your list, and start optimizing your content so your subscribers can't wait to hear from you!

All of this in a 5-week Video Program with Workbooks, templates, over-the-shoulder how to videos (screen share tech support) + Messenger Support (keep videos as long as you need to refer back to)


Bonus 1: Plan, Create, & Execute Your Lead Strategy

This 7-day challenge between weeks 3 & 4 will guide you to plan and create a lead magnet, set up your tech and start growing your list with new, interested leads! Includes social media calls to action and graphic templates to share!

"I love Jodi’s down-to-earth approach to what often feels overwhelming and out of reach. Not only did I trust Jodi to rebuild my website, but I also took her Digital Marketing course. One word, Awesome! So much information in a very friendly, MANAGEABLE format. I really enjoyed being in an actual (online) class with other like-minded people. Now I have all that powerful information I can pull out and refer to whenever I need motivating or redirecting. It's been two years since the program and she still checks in and cheers me on when she sees something I've done! Jodi and her style were a perfect match for me!"

— Sherene - My Star VR - Kanab, Utah

Why email marketing?

Email marketing is the #1 Way to build a direct connection with previous guests and leads to show them you are on top of your hospitality game. Want to truly build your own audience of guests who can't wait to book with you? Start using email marketing, and you will see the power of connection and kick Airbnbn to the curb for good!

Imagine the impact on your business with more leads on your email list, increased bookings, a surge in website traffic, and an overall enhanced guest experience. Property managers expect better relationships with both guests and owners, heightened guest loyalty, and a significant boost in brand recognition. These are the results we're aiming for, and with this program, they're well within your reach!

– Jodi Bourne | Your Expert Vacation Rental EMAIL Marketing Guide

"I learned so much - the Guest Avatar training was unbelievably helpful and it's already working. Every time I try one of the suggestions - from the Instagram course or the SEO lessons, I see results. I can't thank you enough!"

— Jennifer Whaling,

Cottage Stays, Lake Huron, Canada

Why You Need This

You'll actively learn, follow along, and implement strategies in real-time with a vacation rental marketing expert!

Supercharged Results

Increase your leads, increase your bookings, increase your upsells and additional offers and provide an incredible guest experience BEFORE the booking!


Dive deep into the world of email marketing with five weeks worth of pre-recorded video classes.

Accountability & Support

Enjoy weekly accountability sessions, VOXER Chat access, and personalized feedback.

Comprehensive Resources:

Access additional video lessons, templates, prompts, examples and homework! (You can keep forever!)

What Other Savvy Hosts Are Saying

"Jodi's guidance with my email marketing strategy has worked wonders for my business. From her support and templates, messaging, tech videos so I could watch step by step while she set up a newsletter, and all the extras I learned about marketing in general. She understands email marketing and teaches it with patience. Working with her is a no-brainer.”

Susanne Y. Urban Shores

"I feel that I learned something from every module, and am more confident on the platform now. I liked the pace and the amount of information you have included, and the way you illustrate everything step by step. The section on Canva was really useful, and I also love the planning tools you included. All in all I think your course is full of amazing content, is very well structure and is a great value!"

Josephine Murphry

"I follow everything Jodi says and watch every video she posts. Her Instagram course is fantastic- I've been using Instagram for a while and I always learn something new from her. And the social media calendar is priceless! She is a true expert.

Andree M. Southern Hospitality

"I only wish I had started working with Jodi much earlier. I would be much further along in my business."

Martie J. Happy In The Keys

Your Email Mastery Blueprint

  • 7-Point Email Campaign Checklist: Nail your campaigns with a foolproof guide.
  • Essential Email Types: Discover the four must-send emails for maximum impact.
  • Booking-Boosting Email Scripts: Turn clicks into bookings with compelling scripts.
  • Open Rate Hacks: Learn tactics to skyrocket your email open rates.
  • Repeat Booking Mastery: Nurture past guests for increased repeat bookings.
  • Tech Toolbox Setup: Step-by-step guide to set up your ESP platform like a pro.
  • Bonus List Growth Challenge: Turbocharge your list growth with proven strategies!

Hi, I'm Jodi!

I believe in hospitality. I believe in giving your customers your all – and for vacation rental hosts, “your all” means an excellent guest experience – from the first interaction until the last.

And I know from more than a decade of working with owners and property managers of hundreds of luxury vacation homes, cozy mountain cabins, beachfront condos, riverside retreats, romantic glamping tents, boutique hotels and more that those who strive to be memorable, who strive to provide the perfect stay, who love their destination and share it proudly… those are the hosts who last.
They have better reviews. They have repeat guests who take care of their properties and can’t wait to share it with their friends. They ask for higher rates because they have created and are marketing the best of the best. They are the cream – and the cream always rises to the top!

And just like the driven and savvy hosts I work with, I give it my all. I strive to be memorable. I work hard to share my knowledge, expertise, and creativity so that my clients know that my heart is part of their business.

I’ve chosen this career and this business because I love travel and hospitality and through my amazing clients I am able to be a part of thousands of amazing vacations!

Discover how to harness the potential of EMAIL MARKETING to engage guests, nurture leads, and drive bookings for your vacation rental business.