Finally, discover the path to true vacation rental business success, get more bookings from guests you love, and stop allowing Airbnb & VRBO to sabotage your business, force their policies, and determine your worth.

So you can stop feeling overwhelmed and frustrated and start feeling like the savvy host - even if you don't have a website, don't know the first thing about social media or don't have a clue where to start.

HEY THERE, VACATION RENTAL / STR HOSTS....why are you using your business, your property and your hospitality to build someone else's brand?



Listen up, buttercup - you need to hear this...

There's a big misconception in the vacation rental / STR industry that if you aren't ready to book direct (with your own website) then there isn't much you can do to market yourself.

Maybe change out your Airbnb / VRBO headlines. Re-order your photos? Rewrite your listing description to use more keywords.

I'm not here to say all those things don't work. Because they can and they do (sometimes.)

But no matter how many changes you make to your listing on someone else's platform...

Then you are still 100% dependent on an algorithm to decide if your listing reaches the top of the search results.

And the people behind the algorithm are ACTIVELY COURTING new properties and new hosts from right down the street. (more of your competitors)

Plenty of hosts are discovering the secret sauce to successfully marketing their vacation rentals using digital and traditional marketing, while STILL managing their properties, dealing with grumpy guests, and doing ALL. THE. THINGS (does it ever end?)

The good news is, you can too!

Maybe you've already started marketing... played around with Instagram, emailed previous guests and even spent a couple of $K on a book-direct website...

But you still aren't seeing the results you had hoped for.



The Savvy Hosts' Vacation Rental Marketing School + Mentorship

For hosts ready to build a professional brand and get more bookings from guests they love!

The most comprehensive program for vacation rental hosts who want more bookings - PERIOD! The Savvy Host Marketing Mentorship shows you how to get more eyeballs on your listings and convert leads into guests! With live coaching in small group sessions, weekly check-ins, accountability, homework, feedback and me to guide you every step of the way!


Enrollment is open now!

If you aren't increasing bookings from your time, effort, and stress, you should ask yourself - "what am I doing wrong?"

And the next question should be...

Who can help me do it right?

That's where I come in!

I'm Jodi Bourne
I've been coaching hosts on increasing their vacation rental / STR bookings (direct and through OTA's) since 2014. And I'm one of just a handful of coaches out there ACTIVELY marketing for hosts from all over. (Current clients are in Quebec, Canada, Sanoma Valley, CA, and Crystal Beach, Texas.)

I know what works. And better than that, I can teach you how to do it.

I started this group coaching and mentorship back in 2019 to do just that - teach hosts like you how to market their properties, destinations and guest experience.

Because no one told you when you started this biz that you would have to be a digital marketer, did they?

I'm right here, cheering for your success!

"I love Jodi’s down-to-earth approach to what often feels overwhelming and out of reach. Not only did I trust Jodi to rebuild my website, but I also took her Digital Marketing course. One word, Awesome! So much information in a very friendly, MANAGEABLE format. I really enjoyed being in an actual (online) class with other like-minded people. Now I have all that powerful information I can pull out and refer to whenever I need motivating or redirecting. It's been two years since the program and she still checks in and cheers me on when she sees something I've done! Jodi and her style were a perfect match for me!"

- Sherene - My Star VR - Kanab, Utah

Get More Bookings From Guests You Love & Secure The Future Of Your Vacation Rental Business!

Get On The Waitlist For The June Cohort!

(For hosts ready to actively promote your listing and increase traffic to your
website, Airbnb, VRBO, etc.)


I'm not going to BS you (like so many of the gurus out there) that "booking direct" or marketing your vacation rental biz is easy...

But if you are willing to put in a little effort, I promise you CAN do it.

Just like Jennifer, Cat, Suzanne, Brittany, Martie, Sherene, Andrea, Yvette, Amber, Susan, Sheri, Brittany, Robin, Dan, Cathy, Monica, and Stephanie... to name just a few hosts, co-hosts & property managers who have participated in my coaching program over the last four years!

Now it's your turn!

Is this program for you?

  • You're a host (Individual owner or property manager of vacation rentals, STRs, B&B's, Boutique Hotels, Glamping Tents, etc.) who knows proactive marketing is the key to growth!
  • You're tired of playing the Airbnb Algorithm game, worried that one bad review could send you straight to the bottom of the pile, or have heard horror stories from other hosts who suddenly found themselves without bookings and without a plan.
  • You're frustrated from trying to figure it all out on your own and learning bits and pieces from Facebook groups, podcasts or Youtube - you need an expert to guide you.
  • Marketing feels overwhelming, but you know if you don't try to figure out what to do and how to do it, you could quickly get lost in the sea of competition.
  • You want to diversify your listing and be more independent but are unsure how to even start with "direct bookings" (or if you should???)
  • You take pride in your property and creating an amazing guest experience - For you, 5-Star Reviews are better than margaritas on the beach! (okay, that's a stretch...)
  • You're smart, determined, and plan to grow your business and build the dream, but realize there's so much more to it than slapping a listing up on Airbnb and counting your cash.

If you said yes to any of the above, then stop putting it off and take charge of your calendar - learn the marketing strategy and tools that work today!

I was introduced to Jodi's coaching when I was looking for help marketing my property management company. I went through many webinars, joined many Facebook groups, and couldn't find someone who spoke to me. Until Jodi! I loved her authentic self, her hands-on style of coaching, and her true passion for helping others versus just selling her business. What I love most about Jodi is her style of communication. I learned how to research and write blogs well, how to create social content that works, and most importantly how to (including why it's so important) create guest avatars that are the base of our marketing plan. I would never have been able to do this without Jodi guiding the step-by-step processes. Do yourself a favor and challenge yourself to sign up. It's an investment that will pay for itself!!

— Brittany B, Property Manager, Breathe Easy Rentals -Destin, Florida

Get More Bookings From Guests You Love & Secure The Future Of Your Vacation Rental Business!

Enrollment is open now

Jodi knows her stuff and has a heart for teaching. She wants your business to succeed, and it shows in every interaction. I took her first marketing training in 2019 and in two years, have been able to implement most of what she taught me. Because she teaches the strategy behind it first, so you understand what to do when one thing doesn't work for you. I recommend this class to every vacation rental owner I know. She has a way of explaining things to make it simple and understandable. Her live lessons are fun, and she brings her personality to everything she does so you don't get bored and enjoy learning more each week. My email list has grown by leaps and bounds and we are now about 60% book direct."

Susanne Young, Property Manager, Urban Shores - Kelowna, Canada

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • My days start and end with a jumbled mess of kids, dogs, my day job, finding a new cleaner, you name it - not to mention answering a million questions from a guest who hasn't even booked yet! (Ain't nobody got time for that!)
  • When I FINALLY have the time to sit down and do something, I'm paralyzed with where to start and if it is really going to make a difference.
  • I've watched 800 Youtube videos and I'm ready to kick the 💩 out of that Mailchimp Monkey! The learning curve is soooo difficult.
  • I have already started using Facebook AND Instagram - but the only person that shows any interest is some random single dude hitting me up on Instagram. GROSS!
  • I’ve taken marketing courses before, but they aren’t geared to the vacation rental industry and are irrelevant to my business.
  • I don’t have a strategy, I don’t have a plan and I don’t know how to create one that works for my vacation rental business, my time, and my budget

If you said yes to any of the above, then stop putting it off and take charge of your calendar - learn the marketing strategy and tools that work today!

Are you ready?

The Savvy Hosts' Vacation Rental Marketing School & Mentorship


The most comprehensive program for vacation rental hosts who want more bookings - PERIOD! The Savvy Host Marketing Mentorship shows you how to get more eyeballs on your listings and convert leads into guests! With live coaching in small group sessions, check-ins, accountability, homework, feedback and me to guide you every step of the way!

(For hosts ready to actively promote your listing and increase traffic to your
website, Airbnb, VRBO, or anywhere you accept bookings.)

Here's What You'll Get When You Join The Savvy Hosts' Vacation Rental Marketing School &


Years of expertise packed into video and audio training, monthly live coaching calls all about marketing, branding and building your vacation rental business. You'll have access to tons of step-by-step video lessons explaining the why and showing the "how". Plus group challenges, video and email support, 1:1 Voxer Support (Instant Message) where I'll answer your questions, give feedback, share a "how to" or just celebrate your wins or give you moral support!


Months access to focused topics from branding, to social media, email marketing and more. With video lessons, live Q/A, happy hour and coffee chats, workbooks, a group of peers, accountability, homework with feedback and chat support from me!


RECORDED LESSONS, workbooks, cheat sheets, templates, swipes, audio lessons.
(Guided Learning)



(varying session times so everyone can particpate)



(if I say so myself)

You'll Get Access To All Of This From Years Of Teaching and Working 1:1 With Clients From All Over the World.

Vacation Rental Marketing

Everything in the program builds on this foundation. Understand how to craft an irresistible brand story and mission. Plus, gain a deep understanding of your guest avatar and the offer you provide so you can craft marketing messages that speak to them.

Social Media Suitcase

You CANNOT successfully market your vacation rental / STR without social media. My Insta-Booked course started in 2018, and you'll get the all-new 2024 version. I'll teach you everything you need about using Instagram to GET MORE BOOKINGS and leads. Plus, with the Social Media Suitcase, you'll never run out of content ideas. With 12 months of prompts, you can customize for your vacation rental business. The Social Media Suitcase is the ONLY social media planning calendar + captions + prompts for the vacation rental industry and works for all property types and locations.

Email Marketing &
Lead Magnets

Email marketing is the #1 Way to build a direct connection with previous guests and leads to show them you are on top of your hospitality game. Want to truly build your own audience of guests who can't wait to book with you? Start using email marketing, and you will see the power of connection and kick Airbnbn to the curb for good!

Tech Toolbox

Reels? Captions? Canva? Pinterest? Facebook Groups? Scheduling? Stories? Video? Calendars? Prewritten captions? Chat GPT? MailChimp? Lead magnets?

Yes & Yes! "over-the-shoulder" videos with step-by-step guidance, plus LIVE Q/A. Each week, we cover a new tactic and you can implement as you go.

The Content

I'll show you why all successful online marketers use content marketing to reach future travelers in each stage of planning (and before) and how to create a content map that will help you build out content month after month after month!

Travel Blogging For Vacation Rental Hosts + Easy SEO

Blogging is one of the best ways to grow traffic to your website and build interest in your destination IF you are blogging like a tourist. Learn how to blog even if you don't have a book direct website. See my keyword research process and implement SEO on your own website.

Instagram Ads

Advertising is a game-changing strategy to help you build an audience of interested guests and get more direct bookings, but there is a strategy to it that requires a foundation you must know. Don't start running ads until you know you are getting the most leads for your dollar!

Book Direct
Tech Toolbox

If you are ready to book direct, you need a series of tools and resources to get started, from a PMS system to revenue management software, guest communications templates, and more. I'll provide solutions I've helped my clients set up and guide you in choosing your own!


You get all of that....PLUS +++

Private Message
Back Pocket Support

Need more support? Feedback about a particular issue? Help to brainstorm an Instagram reel? I'm right here, ready to help! You'll have access to my help for those days you can't figure it out for yourself or just need a quick idea, explainer or cheer!

Private Podcast Feed

Access to my member-only podcast feed with short episodes focused on answering group questions, highlighting a member's success story or sharing a struggle I'm having with a client and how I figured it out!.

Small Group Cohort

I keep the program small so you can ask questions, get to know other members and share your progress without hesitation. Meeting times are varied so everyone has a chance to join the fun!

"I learned so much - the Guest Avatar training was unbelievably helpful and it's already working.  Every time I try one of the suggestions - from the Instagram course or the SEO lessons, I see results. I can't thank you enough!"

-Jennifer Whaling,

Cottage Stays, Lake Huron, Canada

"Have you seen my Facebook group lately, I have 5,000 members and they all want me to help them plan their trip to NOLA"

- Cathy,

Best New Orleans Vacation Rentals

"You've completely demystified how to use my blog to create new content - and why that's important. And social media finally makes sense!"

- Susan,

Blue Harbor View - Marquette Michigan

"I take note of everything you say and everything you do. Your Instagram lessons floored me because I thought I knew how to use it - I was so wrong!"

- Andree,

SHVR - Destin, Florida

"What I loved most is having you right there when I need you - just an email or text away. You have truly gone above and beyond to help me succeed. And my son is so impressed I know how to do SEO on my website! "

- Cat, Caszatt Condos, Galveston, Texas

"JODI, my Instagram reel just went viral and I have so many DM's I don't know what to do! This is amazing! "

- Sherri, Twisted Horns Ridge - Hondo, Texas

Here's what happens when you join me in The Savvy Hosts' Vacation Rental Marketing School + Mentorship!

Invest in your future and the future of your business!

Join Today & Get Started with immediate access to module 1 - Your Perfect Guest & Your Perfect Offer.

You'll hear from me soon with more details and the live call schedule, course timeline and how to connect with your chat support.

You'll receive access to your learning resources in an online portal as you go through each module for a clear path to success.

Wait, who am I again?

I'm a vacation rental marketing expert and website designer passionate about teaching and helping women succeed in their hospitality business (and show the world what they are made of!)

My first tourism marketing job was way back in 1994. Back then, marketing was all about building relationships, good PR, and paid print or television / radio advertising.

But, by the early 2000s, blogging was a thing, then Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and then email marketing and social media advertising. As the world exploded with new and exciting ways to grow business. And I was right there in the mix of it! And I'm bringing those skills to you!

In 2013, I secured a $50,000 tourism grant for a client that put me on a local development board and renewed my passion for tourism and helping small business owners.

Soon, I fell head over heels in love with helping hosts like you market their properties, guest-first experience and their destination and take control of their bookings. Since then, I've helped hosts from right in my backyard in the Texas Hill Country, all across the U.S. and Canada, and even Australia, Europe, and South America!

Now I get to speak at conferences, online summits and on podcasts (plus share tips on my Podcast, the Savvy Host Roadmap), all while hanging out in my Dolly t-shirt with my dog Jolene asleep under my desk.

I take pride in all the success I've been able to help hosts acheive - and I'd love to have you become one of those success stories!

"We were lucky to have found Jodi before we ever started our Glamping Business, so she has been part of it since the very beginning. We owe so much of our success to her help and training. We have thousands of people on our email list and get bookings every time we send her - and I thought email marketing was DEAD"

- Yvette Strange, Spoon Mountain Glamping - Wimberley, Texas

"I can't stress enough how much she has helped with our business. I only wish I had started working with her much sooner! "

- Martie Jobe, Happy In The Keys - Marathon, Florida

"Jodi is my top marketing Guru for the Vacation Rental Success Podcast - she's been on seven times since I was first introduced to her in 2018 and she ALWAYS over-delivers. She worked with my team on Pinterest Marketing and her knowledge blew me away. I highly recommend her for any and all things vacation rental.

- Heather Bayer, Vacation Rental Formula

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to have a website to make this useful??

No, you don't need a book-direct website. There are several options to get started, and I'll cover them. In fact, several people who went through this course completely revamped their website afterward.

There's a lot in this program; what if I don't have time?

I get that. It's something you need to figure out for yourself - do you have time to invest 4-6 extra hours a month in your business right now? And if not, when will you? Plus, once you start learning and picking up all the things, you'll spend less time actually doing the work required to market your business. Also, you get one full year to access all the course videos, live calls and chat support from me.

I hate marketing, what if I'm not good at it?

If you truly hate it, you may not be the right fit for a marketing course. Some people aren't great at some things. (I hate bookkeeping with a passion) So, this course may not be a good fit. However, even if you hire a professional, it's a good idea to understand what's going on so you can direct them and make sure it's working. Plus, if you do have a professional working for you, you can use your membership in the program for them.

Is there a refund policy?

You pay in advance for the time you are in the program. So there are no refunds. However, if, after three months of active participation in the program, I will offer you a complimentary 1:1 coaching session on any marketing topic you need support with.